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Hellfire Assaulted
21/08/2015 07:12 PM by Ynnek.

Hi again,

On August 15th the nice bunch of DKA went to assault HFC. This time we are prepared. We brought a GB, good mood and our usual good spirit.
Let's see how the first fight goes now, the assualt it self. Bish bosh, slap spank, done.

Ok, that went well.

Now second one, the Iron Reaver. We can do this!
Slap, poof, Boink (you know, the old Batman sounds... ) and dead.
Ok, it took a bit longer then that, but still .. it's dead on the first try.

Then 3rd one. We almost got him. We had some nice tries and good progress, we'll get him next go guys.
Gratz on the new kills, and we are now rising on the progress list!


None yet.

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