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Fel Lord Zakuun Za-Gone
15/11/2015 03:08 PM by Ynnek.

Yeah, we one-shotted Fel Lord Zakuun! Ok, not really but now i have your attention :)

On a nice Saturday, DKA ventured back into HFC. First four bosses don't scare us anymore, so we went for a look upstairs in HFC. (To my own sadness, without bex). With our normal struggle of who's doing what, and more "who do we have join actually .. " we got a good group together. And with using our Realm-famous tactic "DKA-Style" (can't explain it much further ...), we got Zakuun Za-gone in 4 or 6 goes. Yay DKA!

Ofcourse with proof (, how can we forget ...):

Thanks for all who are on the pic, and ofcourse all members of DKA that couldn't make it that time, but helped with other progress.

Because of lack of spare-time on my side, the pic of Gorefiend didn't get his own News-article, but still is the one kill i think we are most proud of.
We talked a lot before we finally engaged him, but all the talk and tactics discussion paid off.
He went belly up on the 2nd go of the evening !

We are a great team, guys!


That we are Kenny and it wont be long before more of HFC topples over due to our teamwork GJ all :)Lorbs at 05/12/2015 06:47 AM
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