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Guild Rules


01. Always respect other players in the guild and in the environment in general. Jokes are funny but remember it's only funny for so long, so know when to stop and apologise if you offended anyone.

02. Racism and discrimination (Panda's excluded) will not be tolerated.

03. Begging for money, items or boosts will not be tolerated.

04. We cater for all ages in DKA, so swearing is not allowed in guild-chat or on the voice-chat.

05. Don't link recount in guild- or raid-chat.

06. We all pay to play and like different aspects of the game, wether it be raiding PvP or pet-battling. Live and let live, dont slate others for enjoying a game-aspect you don't like.

07. Any issues within the guild will be sorted by the guild officers. A list of the officers can be found on the frontpage of the website. Let us know what you don't and what you do like. We are here to help (but we are not Google :) )

08. Before whispering a fellow player check to see where they are. You aren't likely to get a reply if the player is in an instance or raid.

09. Buying and selling of gold is not tolerated in DKA unless in the form of the Blizzard Approved game token. Botting, hacking and anything else that is banned by Blizzard is also not tolerated within DKA and will result in an instant guild kick.


01. You are representing DKA, so please be respectfull of others. Treat them as you like to be treated.

02. If you lead a PUG, do not ninja loot items. It will earn you, and DKA, a bad reputation very fast.

03. Be prepared. So make sure you have food and flasks with you. But remember that guildbank does NOT supply these items for PUGs.

04. When joining a PUG always ask, in advance, what the loot rules are and screenshot the reply. This is handy if you need to contact a GM over a loot dispute.


Raiding is a team effort and in DKA we like to work things out as a team. Suggestions are always welcome but the RL decision is final. Please respect your fellow raiders and listen to the raid leader (RL) and raid assist (RA). Rank is irrelevent in a raid, the RL has the final say so please respect their decision, wether you feel its right or not, you can always take it up with them at the end of the raid.

01. DKA raids will be put on the in-game calender. You are expected to sign up as ACCEPTED, DECLINED or TENTATIVE. Failing to do so may mean you do not get a spot in the raid. If you select TENTATIVE try and change it as soon as you know for sure. If you do not receive invites on the in-game calendar and want to, then contact an officer.

02. We expect anyone wishing to raid to be gemmed, enchanted and geared enough to enter the current raid. This can normally be obtained by running looking for raid (LFR).

03. Just because the raid size is flexible now, it doesn't mean we can take everyone. The raid still has to be balanced with enough healers as well as DPS. No point taking 2 tanks, 3 healers and 20 dps, it still wont work. Even with a balanced group sometimes it is easier to take a smaller group for progression.

04. Raid loot can be done several ways. Master looter , personal and "need before greed". Loot rules will be announced at the start of the raid (or even per boss, for Tier bits etc.)

05. To aid us with progression we may need to sit people out for certain bosses. For instance, if dps or healing is too low, too squishy as a tank, gear not ready for where we are at, or we wish to take a smaller group in general. Dont get upset but use the time to better yourself, if possible. Once we have learnt a fight it is often easier to include more people in the group.

06. Voice communication is required when raiding in DKA. We use Ventrilo as main communication but we also have access to Teamspeak servers. So it's always a good idea to have both installed.

07. All raiders are expected to have an up-to-date boss mod. Prefered is DBM ( deadly boss mods) or BIG wigs, you may be asked to download a particular addon to assist with a fight aswell. Not doing so may result in you being removed from the group while the group does that boss.

08. For guild raids DKA will supply food and flasks, whenever possible.

09. If you know in advance you can't attend the whole raid, let the RL or an officer know before start, so it can be taken in consideration while forming the raid.

To get alts invited to the guild plz follow the following instructions ty

01. Log on main toon and ask in guild chat for an inv include the name of the toon and the realm it is on.

02. Wait for an officer to respond , they will prob ask u to switch to the alt and /w them.

03. Once u have been invited plz stay on that toon until the officer says its ok to switch.

The reason we do this is for guild security we have had ppl posing as alts trying to get an inv to the guild.


Alot of time and effort goes into organizing raids (read post What goes into making up a raid) and other guild events. We wont always make the right decisions (in everyone's eyes) but we learn by our mistakes tho and thats what makes us a strong team.

thankyou for respecting these

The Officers of DKA

FEB 2016

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